Your Anniversary Message 05/7/2018 — 4:05 pm Jim Maher

Congratulations BIOCORE!!

My dad was a geology professor at Madison so my family knew Marion Myer, who insisted that if I was going to be a Molecular Biology major, I must take the BIOCORE series. I did. It was life-changing. I owe a great deal to all of the faculty, especially to Wayne Becker and Ann Burgess, for their passion and dedication. It was through BIOCORE that I became affiliated with Bill Dove’s lab, where I did my senior honors thesis. It was there that I shed my MD-PhD aspirations and focused on the PhD, which I also did at Wisconsin. Postdoc at Caltech. I’ve been a Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Mayo Clinic since 1995 and am Dean of Mayo’s Graduate School.