About Biocore

Biocore is a curriculum and community of highly motivated students who work with dedicated faculty to extend opportunities for scientific research, communication, integrative learning, and collaboration through lecture and laboratory courses, research, outreach and leadership opportunities. As a four-semester sequence typically starting in sophomore year, Biocore fulfills introductory to intermediate/advanced requirements towards a full array of biological science majors, as well as Honors course credit and the potential to earn the Biocore Honors certificate upon completion.

Why do students choose Biocore? (see brochure)

Broad, in-depth and integrated biology program fulfilling requirements and preparing students for any biological science major

  • Introductory to intermediate level course work that builds over four semesters
  • Smaller class size and high instructor/student ratio
  • Peer mentoring, outreach, and directed study opportunities
  • Collaborative and supportive learning community
  • Heavy emphasis on problem-solving, critical thinking, research, writing and the process of science

Biocore fulfills requirements

  • 16-18 credits of intro to intermediate biology courses for bioscience majors (e.g. fulfills Bio151/152, upper level genetics Genetics 466, Physiology 335, and intermediate lab requirement for Biology majors)
  • University’s Communication B requirements
  • Honors course credit towards honors in the major
  • Earn Biology Core Curriculum Honors certificate

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