Semester 3 – Fall

Biocore 485  – Principles of Physiology (3 cr.) — Syllabus Fall 2022

This physiology course explores the means by which plants and animals interact with their environments to support the basic needs of surviving, obtaining nutrients, exchanging gases, and reproducing. The course focuses on the complex systems of neural and endocrine regulation in animals and hormonal and environmental regulation in plants to understand how cells and organs within an organism maintain communication. We also discuss the regulation of respiration, circulation, and heart function, as well as the mechanisms that underlie the function of the brain.

Course info:
Two 70-min lectures and one 50-min discussion weekly.
Prerequisites: Biocore 383

Biocore 486 Principles of Physiology (2 cr. Lab)Syllabus Fall 2022

Student research teams work  on designing and carrying out their own experiments on plant or animal physiology based on a novel research question, in many cases using themselves as subjects (e.g. electrocardiograms, respiration rate, electroencephalograms). Research topics are chosen by students and reflect concepts taught concurrently in tBiocore 485 lecture course. Emphasis is on critical thinking required in designing and conducting experiments and in analyzing and interpreting results. Research teams report their findings through oral PowerPoint presentations and by writing, peer-reviewing, and revising papers in the format of scientific journal articles.

Course Info:
Writing Intensive.
One 3-h lab and one 50-min discussion weekly.
Prerequisites: previous or concurrent enrollment in Biocore 485.