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Biocore Writing Manual 2018

Biocore Writing Manual Rubrics 2018
Biocore Honor Code – updated September 1,2023

Process of Science Companion – PressBooks:

Book 1: Science Communication  (AKA Biocore Writing Manual)- Janet Batzli & Michelle Harris

Book 2: Group Collaboration in Science– Janet Batzli, Michelle Harris & Baila Khan

Book 3: Data Analysis, Statistics, & Experimental Design  (AKA Biocore Statistics Primer) Michelle Harris, Rick Nordheim, Janet Batzli

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APIR Biocore Enrollment Report 2018

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Research Opportunities: 

Undergrad Research- Getting started
National Research- internships, fellowships, summer research opportunities 


Welton Summer Sophomore Research Apprenticeship (L&S Honors)
National and UW Madison Scholarships & Fellowships (including those below)

Student Engagement Grant – Lakeshore Nature Preserve

Undergraduate Science Journals – publish your research! 

Journal for Undergraduate Science and Technology (JUST) – right here at UW Madison!
Journal of Young Investigators 

UW-Madison Biology Resources:

Center for Pre-Health Advising
Biology major Homepage
Lakeshore Nature Preserve
Undergrad Research- Getting started
UW Arboretum Homepage

Teaching & Learning Biology Resources:

Access Excellence
Annenberg Learner Science VideosMinds of Our Own
Course Source– Evidence based teaching resources for undergraduate biology education
Doland DNA Learning Center- Cold Spring Harbor
Ecology Education- Ecological Society of America 
Evolution Understanding – UC Berkeley
HHMI BioInteractive
KhanAcademy Biology
Science Education Initiative- Carl Weiman SEI at UBC
TED talks Biology
Veritasium Videos about Science 
National Center for Biotechnology Information
USDA Plant Database
Vision and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education: A Call to Action – and  special charge by Bruce Alberts (video)