Biology Core Curriculum

College of Letters & Science

Welcome to Biocore

  • students standing in a prairie field
  • students posing in a labratory
  • student with a camera in a greenhouse
  • students in wading pants standing in a shallow body of water
  • Students looking at a prairie plant
  • students working on homework
  • student demonstrating a camera's use
  • student holding a microscope slide and looking at a laptop screen
  • students posing in a prairie field
  • students posing in a labratory
  • student using a microscope

Biocore is UW Madison's Honors biology program for undergraduate students who wish to discover and reach their academic potential within a small, supportive biology education program.  (click here to learn more)

What do students say?

Emily Lynch

"While it's one thing to be able to memorize organic chemistry mechanisms or biochemical pathways in the body, being able to understand why these molecules are interacting with one another or why this pathway is doing what it's doing in the body... that's what's going to lead to groundbreaking research that will change our world for the better."

Biocore Class of 2016
B.S. Biology & Certificates: African Studies and Global Health, 2017