Biology Core Curriculum

College of Letters & Science

Welcome to Biocore

  • student holding a microscope slide and looking at a laptop screen
  • student using a microscope
  • Students looking at a prairie plant
  • students posing in a labratory
  • students working on homework
  • student demonstrating a camera's use
  • students in wading pants standing in a shallow body of water
  • students posing in a prairie field
  • student with a camera in a greenhouse
  • students standing in a prairie field
  • students posing in a labratory

Biocore is UW Madison's Honors biology program for undergraduate students who wish to discover and reach their academic potential within a small, supportive biology education program.  (click here to learn more)

What do students say?

Sean Johnson & Tong Wang

Tong: "I really loved having the ability to do science and take ownership of projects."

Sean: "For me, the big thing was getting to know the faculty really well and getting to know your fellow students."

Biocore Class of 2014 (Sean) & 2015 (Tong)
Sean, B.S. Biochemistry, December 2014; Tong, B.S. Chemistry, May 2015