Semester 4 – Spring

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Biocore 587 – Biological Interactions (3 cr.) — Syllabus Spring 2023

This course is a capstone for Biocore and helps students integrate the concepts and skills from the previous three semesters of sequence. Biocore 587 emphasizes the interconnection of biological systems that operate at all levels of biological organization. Students work together in small cooperative learning groups throughout the semester to read and analyze a series of papers from the scientific literature. Student groups gather information, visualize, analyze, explore, and plan strategies for the investigation of complex biological problems. Current topics may include: 1. Inheritance of Susceptibility: Colon Cancer as Genetic Disease 2. Cervical cancer; A Viral Disease 3. Microbial Ecology and the Human Gut and 4. The Dynamics of the Mitotic Spindle. At the end of the semester, student teams develop and present a multi-media project to communicate a complex topic in bioscience to the public.

Course Info:
Three lectures and one 50-min discussion weekly.
Prerequisites: Biocore 485.