Student Research

Contact Heidi Horn or Anna Kowalkowski for information on how to become a student researcher.

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Get funding for your research!

  • Welton Honors Summer Sophomore Research Apprenticeship for sophomore students in the L&S Honors program. This is an opportunity to develop research skills and explore the research process while laying the groundwork for future junior and senior research projects. $1500-$2000 stipend
  • Student Engagement Grant— for all students. Available to any student, faculty or staff member at UW-Madison to support undergraduate education in the Lakeshore Nature Preserve. The grants are made available by the Academic Endowment Fund of the Preserve.
  • Sophomore Research Fellowships– for sophomore students. Funded by a one-year University of Wisconsin System Undergraduate Research & Discovery Grant, the Sophomore Research Fellowships support undergraduate research done in collaboration with UW–Madison faculty or research/instructional academic staff.
  • Hilldale Undergraduate Fellowships and Holstrom Environmental Scholarships– for junior and senior students. Support for collaborative research between undergraduate students and faculty or research/instructional academic staff members.  Each provides a grant of $3,000 to the student and $500 to the faculty/staff mentor. The Holstrom Scholarships require an environmental focus.