Biocore Adventure Club

Mission: Biocore Adventure Club (A-Club) is a place to build community between Biocore students and take scientific curiosity outside the classroom to events with Biocore peers and instructors. Founded in 2020, we hope to promote healthy social and outdoor activities while finding scientific applications in the world around us.

All students, alumni, friends and instructors are invited to join our on-line and in-person adventures. Skiing, hiking, birding, paddling, caving, botanizing, movie screenings, farmers markets and just plain having fun is what’s on the menu. 

Biocore Adventure Club Goals: 

  • Have Fun!
  • Learn about the natural phenomena through a scientific lens
  • Seek adventures outside the classroom 
  • Socialize with fellow Biocore members

Glimpse of Biocore Adventures

Zoology Museum Visit

Have you ever wondered what is above the 3rd floor of Noland Hall. Well, we know... Join us to visit the Zoology Museum to discover samples from the Galapagos and other research being done above us!

A-Club to the Chazen

Join us in exploring the Chazen Art Museum right here on campus! And connect with nature through their new exhibition Picturing a Nation: American Drawings and Watercolors.

Game Night

Have fun and relax on a chill Friday night playing board games with fellow Biocore students!
We have a bunch of fun biology games including Wingspan, On the Origin of Species, Photosynthesis, Evolution, Mariposas.

Michelle's Night at the Museum

Come join us while we take a trip to the past. We will be time traveling back in time to the prehistoric times, and Michelle will be our tour guide for the evening! Costumes are encouraged!

Zoo Walk

Explore the Zoo with Janet Batzli and discover a plethora of amazing exotic animals living right here in Madison. The zoo is free and is just a 15 minute walk from campus!

Seed Collecting at Goose Pond Sanctuary

Please come along on a fun seed collecting trip to the beautiful Goose Pond Sanctuary, a majestic 500 acre prairie with a plethora of interesting plants and animals. We'll also learn a lot about the process of restoration!

More Adventures!

Lake Wingra Bike Ride

Enjoy the warm, sunny weather on a bike ride around Lake Wingra admiring magnolias and budding leaves!

Birding with Seth

Join Seth on a nature hike that will explore the amazing lives of birds. You’ll learn which species are present now, what birds do for a living, how to identify birds by sight and sound. Binoculars provided.

First official A-Club outing + Winter Birding

Students braved the cold (5° F) on the first official A-Club outing to go birding watching.