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Today’s Biocore students continue the 50+ year legacy of learning ‘how we know what we know’ in science; the invaluable skills of scientific reasoning, communication, problem solving and ‘probing the why of science’. Although the program will continue to change and evolve, the basic goals, philosophy, program structure, and administrative support have remained the same. Biocore courses focus on foundational and emerging concepts and the application of these concepts through the process of science. Students develop knowledge and skills within a supportive learning community of other students and instructors.

As we continue to expand and innovate, your contribution is an investment in Biocore curriculum and co-curricular activities will provide additional opportunities for honors students who seek an in-depth, integrated approach to learning biology for years to come.

Listed below are several projects that we look forward to funding in the future with donor support. If you want to target your giving to a particular program, please indicate in the comment box on the Give Online site.

Wish List 

  • Biocore Prairie Restoration – seeds, plant materials, field equipment
  • Undergraduate Research in Ecology, Physiology and Science Education – lab equipment and travel to professional meetings
  • Biocore Peer Mentors – funding undergraduate program assistant
  • Biocore Outreach Ambassadors – funding undergraduate travel to middle and high school classrooms, Summer Science Camp materials, Science Fun Nights materials
  • Biocore Peer Advisors– informing students, advisors, and the university community, and providing a bridge for new students into Biocore
  • Graduate and Postdoctoral Teaching Fellows – funding to help develop instructional materials and travel to professional conferences to present work in Biocore
  • Faculty Teaching Innovation – new materials to aid faculty instruction (e.g. clickers, molecular models, development of podcasts, demos)
  • New Laboratory Equipment for Courses
  • Professional Development for Staff – travel to workshops and courses, participation in professional meetings, workshops and presentations

Give Online

We deeply appreciate the generosity of people like you to help us maintain excellence in our curriculum and provide new opportunities for Biocore students, faculty and staff. Please consider a contribution specifically earmarked for Biocore when planning your future giving to UW-Madison.

Very best wishes from,

Shelby O’Connor (Faculty Director) and

The Biocore Core Team~ Heidi Horn, Carol Borcherding, Seth McGee, Anna Kowalkowski, Diana Tapia Ramon