Biocore Peer Mentors

Why Peer Mentoring?

Students often have difficulty adjusting to new learning environments, the challenging pace and high expectations of the college classroom. Experienced students, those who have recently experienced the same challenges and been successful, may have a better idea of the problems students might encounter (understanding material, approaching problems, time management, studying, even socially) and may be better prepared to help students work through these difficulties than instructors or TAs.

Biocore PM work as facilitators—not TAs or tutors! PM serve as guides for students as they work through material, pose and answer questions. PM are not the keepers of the “right answers”, rather they ask students or provide opportunities for students to work with concepts to build their understanding in a comfortable, supportive learning environment.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Peer Mentors program or becoming a Peer Mentor, please contact Anna Kowalkowski


1. Create a comfortable, supportive learning environment

2. Foster positive group learning experience so that the group eventually becomes autonomous

3. Facilitate by questioning, challenge misconceptions, promote discussions

4. Reduce course anxiety

5. Both students and PM learn biological concepts more thoroughly

6. Promote peer mentors in a leadership role