Semester 2 – Spring


Biocore 383 – Cellular Biology (3 cr.)Syllabus Spring 2023

This course focuses on various aspects of life at the cellular and molecular levels. The course begins with an introduction to cells, membranes, and macromolecules, and then goes on to discuss the flow of energy in cells, considering how cells obtain, store, and use energy. The course continues into molecular genetics, gene expression and regulation in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. The course then concludes with a unit on signal transduction, focusing especially on the importance of receptor-ligand interactions, cell signaling, cell motility, and regulation of the cell cycle including cancer.

Course info:
Three lectures and one 50-min discussion weekly.
Prerequisites: Biocore 381


Biocore 384 – Cellular Biology (2 cr. Lab) — Syllabus Spring 2023

Biocore 384 laboratory complements and integrates cell biology concepts from lecture with scientific reasoning and cell/molecular research methodology. This is the second lab in a three semester progression that focuses on the process and nature of “doing biology”. The lab is research and writing-intensive, and introduces tools and procedures of cell and molecular biology together with statistics and an introduction to bioinformatics all integrated into three different research units. Current units are the biochemistry and enzyme kinetics of alkaline phosphatase, gene expression in C. elegans worms, and mating pheromone signaling in yeast.

Course Info:
Writing Intensive.
One 3-h lab and one 50-min discussion weekly.
Prerequisites: previous or concurrent enrollment in Biocore 383.