Alumni Profiles


Graduation: Biocore Class of 2016
Degree: B.S. Neurobiology 2017 with Biocore Honors Certificate

Artist of “The Observer”
“I was really excited for the opportunity to paint a mural reflecting on my experiences with Biocore, science, and art. On the surface, the mural represents many of the large concepts taught in Biocore; ecology, physiology, evolution and diversity, signal transduction and genetics. But it’s really the way that these categories interact and influence each other that makes the process of discovering science an exciting field to pursue. I hope that when you are in the midst of your research not working, that you think about the big picture and all the amazing mysteries in our world that got you excited about science in the first place. You definitely will acquire the skills to answer your questions but you’ve always had the imagination to create them.”

To see more about Jaffna’s mural for Biocore on 3rd floor Noland, check out “The Observer.”


Graduation: Biocore Class of 2014
Degree: B.S. Biomedical Engineering, May 2015; M.S. Biomedical Engineering, May 2016

“Once you’re Biocore, you’re Biocore for life.”


Graduation: Biocore Class of 2010
Degree: B.S. Chemistry, & B.S. Russian Language and Literature May 2011

“Most importantly, Biocore equipped me to be a critical and independent thinker.”


Graduation: Biocore Class of 2014 (Sean) & 2015 (Tong)
Degree: Sean, B.S. Biochemistry, December 2014; Tong, B.S. Chemistry, May 2015

Tong: “I really loved having the ability to do science and take ownership of projects.”

Sean: “For me, the big thing was getting to know the faculty really well and getting to know your fellow students.”



Graduation: Biocore Class of 2016
Degree: B.S. Biology & Certificates: African Studies and Global Health, 2017

“While it’s one thing to be able to memorize organic chemistry mechanisms or biochemical pathways in the body, being able to understand why these molecules are interacting with one another or why this pathway is doing what it’s doing in the body… that’s what’s going to lead to groundbreaking research that will change our world for the better.”


Graduation: Biocore Class of 2010
Degree: B.S. Microbiology & Applied Mathematics 2011

“Academics is part of it, but Biocore really helped me discover a new way of learning. That inquiry-based, self-motivated drive to learn and discover just changed the way that I look at life.”