Your Anniversary Message 05/14/2018 — 10:05 am Matt and Caitlin Regner


From time in the lab for class to summers working on the prairie, from volunteering with MOO for science education to exams in Noland Hall, Biocore has been incredibly influential in our lives. We are so grateful for the mastery of the scientific method that both of us obtained through our time with Biocore. I think it’s safe to say that Matt would not have been as successful as an organic chemist, nor Caitlin as a family physician, without our strong Biocore foundation.

We are proud to say that our children have grown up prairie aficionados and are currently helping us to plant a rain garden in our back yard, inspired by the education we received from Biocore.

We are so grateful for everything we gained from our Biocore experience and hope that Biocore will continue to touch many generations of students to come!

Matt and Caitlin Regner (as well as Eli, Abram, and Catherine)