Your Anniversary Message 04/18/2018 — 1:04 pm Jerry Dempsey

I was recruited to teach Biocore ( Org Biol) by wonderful Marion Myer. Most enjoyable, rewarding course I taught at UW. In addition to the classroom and lab demos,we had many Biocore students spend several semesters as research interns in my lab , I also taught many of them in med school and one of my trainees ( the late Kurt Saupe) took over my teachung duties in Biocore when I retired. The large number of Biocore alumni who remained engaged in science and medicine is truly remakable- I love hearing from them. The dedication to excellence by the office and laboratory staff made teaching Biocore a joy.- my congrats especially to them for providing the continuity over a half century. I am still teaching and researching at UW and around the world.Looking fwd to the Biocore celebration.