Volunteer With Us

Biocore Outreach Ambassadors (BOA) welcome Biocore students and UW-Madison campus partners to participate in our outreach events. The resources below serve as a guide to get started and sign-up for upcoming events as a BOA volunteer.

Curricular Resources

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Inquiry-Based Activities

Science Activity Videos

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P.A.C.E Model

When Biocore Outreach Ambasadors interact with K12 students, they use a P.A.C.E. Model to guide their audience through each of our numerous BOA science inquiry activities.  The P.A.C.E. model should look familiar to BOA volunteers, as it reflects some of the key authentic science practices that Biocore students experience in our 3-semester lab UW-Madison Biocore honors lab curriculum.

P    Predict 

  • What do you think will happen when we change/introduce/manipulate _____ in this activity?

A    Ask questions

  • What do you already know about the topic?
  • What can you observe already, before we begin? 
  • What are your curious about? 

C    Collect data through observation

  • What did you observe after we changed/introduced/manipulated _____ ?
  • How can you organize your data (graph, chart, table)? 

E    Evaluate your prediction

  • Your observations are data. What does your data tell you?
  • Does your data support the prediction you made earlier? If your prediction wasn’t supported, what may be happening?
  • What new questions do you have?

Logistical Resources

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Driver Sign-Up Form

Link to driver sign-up form coming soon!

Biocore Outreach Ambassador Officer Application

If you are interested in becoming a Biocore Outreach Ambassador Officer, check here for the application during the Spring semester.

Time Commitment and Expectations

  • When volunteering with Biocore Outreach Ambassadors, volunteers can expect to choose which events to participate in based on their interests and availability.
  • There are no dues for our student organization, and there is no commitment to attend a certain number of events. All we ask is that you come excited, energized, and ready to engage k12 students in inquiry-based science!