Graduates 2021 and 2022

Autumn Bell


Biocore gave me the opportunity to make great friends, improve my critical thinking skills, and begin cultivating my skills as a researcher

Rita Bliesner (21′)


Biocore was truly an unforgettable experience that helped shape my undergraduate career. Being able to explore my own scientific ideas in lab allowed me to not only learn better, but also to love science so much more. I’ll never forget the countless late nights spent in Noland!

Xi (Chelsea) Chen

Biochemistry, Spanish | Computer Science

My memory of Biocore is when we adapted the plant experiments in the “online” Biocore 486 lab and I grew Brassica Rapa in my dorm room! We were studying how high salinity affects the stem height of B. rapa. It was definitely challenging (I didn’t think any of my plants would’ve survived, haha), but it was also super rewarding to obtain our final results. Learning in a virtual environment definitely taught me adaptability and how to best take advantage of learning resources.

Melanie DePamphilis (21′)

Biology | German

My favorite memory in Biocore is taking naps on the couches in the hallway of the Biocore floor in Noland

Nikita Gonugunta

Neurobiology | Global Health, Development Economics

Being a part of the Biocore program allowed me to not only grow as a student and researcher, but also as a person. Some of the people I’ve met in this community have become my closest friends, and the regular application of scientific reasoning and critical thinking has made me look at biological mechanisms through a fresh lens. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have learned such valuable scientific skills in undergrad, and I could not have done it without the constant support and mentorship of the Biocore faculty members.

Kaylynn Imsande

Biology | Gender and Women’s Studies

My favorite part of Biocore has been the opportunity to meet new people and instructors and build relationships with these people over the course of 4 semesters.

Casey Kaelber

Global Health | Health Policy

I cannot express how grateful I am for everyone in the Biocore program, which has been an integral part of my undergraduate experience! Throughout the four semesters, I have made countless friends and memories that have made me a better writer, scientist, and student.

Jack Kapler (21′)

Neurobiology | Environmental Studies

After four semesters of lectures, two semester of laboratories, and a summer working in the Biocore Prairie, Biocore allowed me to have an experience learning about the biological sciences that could not have possibly been offered anywhere else. By engaging in the various subjects discussed in lectures, developing numerous research projects to work on with a team, and collaborating with the fellow Biocore students, this program has strengthened my interest in science and helped me to understand what it really means to be a scientist.

Aadhishre Kasat

Biochemistry, English-Creative Writing

Haania Khan

Biochemistry, Religious Studies

Biocore has helped me become a better scientist, peer, and person. Not only have I learned the “essentials” of being a scientist, but I’ve also learned how to effectively communicate science. I associate my fondest memories with being a student and helping students out, whether it comes to lab or lecture.

Shuka Konishi

Biology, Psychology | Gender and Women’s Studies

So many great memories in Noland, Biocore Prairie, and the library! My favorite would have to be the virtual physiology lab because despite being virtual I still felt surrounded and supported by the Biocore community.

Yicheng Ma

Biomedical Engineering | Data Science, Physics

Adding NaOH to B. rapa

Courtney Mohs

Biomedical Engineering

My favorite memory is is doing the animal physiology lab at my apartment during the pandemic. I had many D.magna in my apartment that I had to feed twice a day, my roommates also enjoyed having ‘pets’ in the house.

Madelyn Reilly

Biology | Global Health

My favorite memory from Biocore is getting to work on an independent lab project in 486. Our group experimented with the effects of nicotine on tadpole development, and it was really fun to collect data with my team and take care of our little tadpoles!

Allison Schopf

Microbiology | Gender and Women’s Studies, Health and Humanities

I sincerely enjoyed my Biocore experience and the wonderful people that I was able to surround myself with through the Biocore community. The coursework and instructors pushed me to be the best learner that I could be, and I became a more confident and curious individual because of my time in the program, qualities that I hope to maintain for the rest of my life. Thank you to everyone who played a role in my Biocore experience, I’m a better person for having had you in my life!

Ruohong Wang

Molecular Biology, Neurobiology, Psychology

Biocore prairie, visiting Seth’s specimen collection, lab projects