Graduates 2024

Adam Eckardt

Biochemistry, PharmTox

Studied long (very long) and hard and ended up making life long friends along the way.

Brad Li

Biochemistry, Spanish

Biocore was a key part in my growth as a scientist. I enjoyed learning in a small cohort environment and found great community within the program. Being an Outreach Ambassador was an amazing opportunity as I was able foster interest in science through science nights and summer camps for young students!

Melissa Palmer

Biology | Global Health

Biocore has helped me in so many ways. Amongst many things, I learned to always stay curious. I especially remember people like Paul Williams, Seth McGee, and Anna Kowalkowski for their joy in sharing their interests and curious findings with me in classes and adventure club outings. Thank you to everyone!

Molly Paras

Biomedical Engineering | Biology in Engineering

I’m so glad I joined Biocore! One of my favorite experiences was doing an experiment with earthworms in the Biocore Prairie when it was pouring rain outside- we may have gotten soaked, but it was definitely memorable and the start of many new Biocore friendships!

Ali Schaper


Biocore was definitely a program that really challenged me and fellow peers academically, but it also fostered a strong sense of community with my classmates through shared experiences. I made so many friends through the Biocore community in a time where everyone felt so isolated. Thank you, Biocore!

Marielena Trujillo

Biology | Health Policy

Biocore shaped me into a critical thinker and a student who values in-depth learning!

Olivia Valentine

Nutritional Sciences | Global Health, Data Science

Biocore was an integral part of my college experience and fostered my growth as a scientist and person. Both my instructors and peers pushed me to become a better, more confident learner and leader. I am so grateful for this incredible experience!