Graduates 2023

Ellen Abad Santos

Biology | Global Health, Public Policy

Joining the Biocore program was one of the best decisions I made in college. Biocore fostered growth in my scientific reasoning skills, but (more importantly) gave me lifelong friendships. I have endless gratitude for this program.

Sarah Almutawa

Biology | Global Health

My favorite Biocore experience was doing a research project on tadpoles for the 486 physiology lab. Through Biocore, I grew as a student, researcher, and mentor through the rigorous lecture material, the research projects, and the leadership positions that were offered. I am forever grateful for the Biocore community.

Nayef Hamdan


Biocore definitely made my college experience as memorable as it is. From the amazing learning community to volunteering with the BOA and attending game nights with the Adventure Club, my time at Madison wouldn’t have been nearly as fun without it.

Lucy Minner

Biology, Spanish

I am so grateful for the Biocore program and everyone I have met in it! Through this program I found a true community and made so many great friends, and I have become a better scientist, writer, learner, and team member. I will carry all of the skills I’ve learned in Biocore with me through the rest of my life.

Sean Moran


Lab at the Biocore prairie being the first class I returned to in person after the pandemic began.

Amelia Jade Moser

Biochemistry | Game Development, Folklore

I remember how nervous and excited I was to do my first project and conduct real science at the prairie – and how gratifying it was to return as an undergraduate TA two years later, more confident in my abilities as a scientist, to help a new class of students find their footing.

Ryan Quinn

Biochemistry, Chemistry | Global Health

The classes helped prepare me for the MCAT exceptionally well, and helped me learn a lot about the human body!

Lydia LaBelle Ragainis

Biology | Environmental Studies

My favorite Biocore memory is being an Undergraduate TA for Biocore 382 and spending most of the lab period during data collection standing on the rock in the prairie and trying to find all of my students.

Anna Turdo


Biocore was one of the best parts of my college experience. I met the most amazing people, and I felt a strong sense of community within the Biocore program. Not only did I become a better scientist through the Biocore curriculum, but I also have made many memories and friendships that will extend beyond my years within the program.

Luke Wheeler


I believe Biocore played a very pivotal role in my development as a student, scientist, and community member. It was through all of the problem sets, volunteer events, and collaborative assignments/activities that afforded me with many skills I will use for the rest of my professional and personal life. I am truly thankful for all that Biocore taught me.