Biocore Honors Outcomes and Teaching Philosophy

Honors Outcomes

By the end of your Biocore Honors experience,

You will be able to:

  • Reach for and achieve high standards in the quality of your learning
  • Actively engage in and practice group learning, collaboration and team work
  • Demonstrate a learning mindset and intellectual curiosity for biology that transcends grades
  • Demonstrate sophistication in your ability to reason scientifically and integrate your understanding of biology – from molecules to ecosystems and different life forms
  • Demonstrate the process of science including development of novel scientific questions, formulate hypotheses, carry out experiments, and make logical conclusions based on evidence
  • Demonstrate advanced scientific communication skills, oral and written, and the ability to translate your understanding to the broader community
  • Articulate the value of your Biocore Honors experience


You will gain:

  • A supportive community of academically engaged peers
  • A dedicated group of Biocore instructors who will support you in your learning and professional development
  • A portfolio of materials demonstrating your research, communication and collaboration skills
  • Certificate of Biology Core Curriculum Honors