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Year in school: Senior

My name is Vicky, I am pursuing a Neurobiology major with certificates in Biocore and Global Health. I work in a clinical lab at the VA studying Alzheimer’s prevention and early detection in at risk populations. When I’m not in class or at work I shadow at the VA, volunteer at the UW hospital and am a part of Badger Spill, Microbiology club and the Biocore Outreach Ambassadors. I want to go to medical school, so feel free to reach out with questions about how Biocore fits into a premed schedule. In my free time I love pottery, biking and being outside (although not in the winter). I also work for Biocore, cleaning fish tanks and carrying out Seth’s evil plots. If you’re wondering what Biocore can do for you beyond the classroom, please reach out to me! Send me an email through!


Olive Aviles

Year in school: Graduated

My name is Olive Aviles, and I am working towards a double major in Zoology and Conservation Biology with a Certificate in Environmental Studies. I am a pre-vet student applying to vet schools this fall. I am a member of the Pre-Veterinary Association (PVA), Undergraduate Zoological Society (UZS), Wisconsin Student Chapter of the Wildlife Disease Association (WiscWDA), the Biocore Outreach Ambassadors (BOA), and Biocore Peer Advisors. I am also a Powers-Knapp Scholar, where I’ve been a part of different planning committees as well as a Big Sib. I currently work at the UW Large Animal Hospital as a student hourly in the OR. I usually spend my free time with friends and family, watching hallmark movies, or taking my cat for walks. Contact me through!


Year: Graduated

My name is Alexis Bradt, but everyone calls me Lex! I’ll be graduating early this spring with a degree in Biology and taking a gap year as I apply to medical schools. Feel free to ask me any questions about graduating early, taking gap years, or applying to medical schools, I’d love to help! I participate in undergraduate research working with tissue regeneration in mouse Achilles tendons for a lab in the department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation at WIMR. I also do a lot of volunteering as a tutor and after school mentor at elementary and middle schools around Madison. I’m a part of HOSA, Mind Body Badger, Biocore Outreach Ambassadors, and Badger Volunteer clubs on campus. Let me know if you have questions on how to get involved on campus! I also work at UHS in the Women’s health clinic as a medical assistant and as emergency room technician at Aurora Hospital, so let me know if you have any questions about getting patient contact hours or how to balance having a job and school work! Please feel free to come me with any questions about the Biocore experience, college-life, life outside of school, or anything you are wondering, I’m eager to help! Contact me through


Sam Busch

Year in school: Graduated

Hey Everyone! My name is Sammy, and I am a junior studying Biochemistry with a certificates in Classics and Biocore! I currently work at Meriter hospital as a CNA and at the WNPRC working with Marmoset Nutrition. I hope one day to become an infectious disease or emergency MD. I am also the co-founder and president of an organization called Building BASES that supports families and children experiencing homelessness. In my free time I enjoy watching Netflix, reading (other than school books), going to concerts & drinking Kung Fu Tea. I plan on studying abroad next fall in Copenhagen & taking a gap year to complete an internship before medical school. Please contact me if you have any questions about med school, Biocore, courses, etc! Contact me through!


Year in school: Senior

Hi everyone! My name is Julie, and I’m a junior in the College of Letters and Sciences. I am pursuing a major in Biology with certificates in Biocore and Chinese Professional Communications. In addition to my studies, I volunteer at ThedaCare hospice in my hometown, and work as an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Peyseur’s lab that focuses on the genetics and evolution of island mice. I have also studied abroad for a summer in Tianjin, China to complete one of my certificates, and I am also planning on going to medical school, so if you have any questions about studying abroad, being a pre-med student or about Biocore, please feel free to reach out! Contact me through!


Year in school: Senior

Hello everyone! My name is Caleb Delvaux, and I am a junior majoring in Pharmacology & Toxicology with a certificate in Biocore. Currently, I am involved in a few healthcare clubs at UW-Madison including APAA. I also work as a CNA for UW Health and in the Masters Lab at WIMR where we study calcific aortic valvular disease in human heart valves. After I graduate, I plan on taking a gap year while applying for the Physician Assistant program. In my free time I enjoy playing in just about every intramural sport they have at UW-Madison, going to Badger sporting events, and hanging out with friends. Contact me through!


Year in school: Senior

Hi, I’m Steven! I am a pre-pharmacy student double majoring in Pharmacology/Toxicology and Economics with a certificate in Biocore and leadership. Along with my studies, I am a part of Science Policy, Outreach, and Communication (SPOC), Biocore Outreach Ambassadors, and American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB). I am a resource navigator at Wingra Family Medical Center and I work in a lab that researches nanoparticles to improve drug delivery. Additionally, I am a Chancellor Scholar, where I have been involved with various planning committees. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, fishing, biking, and anything that requires me to be outside. Contact me through!


Year in school: Senior

Hello potential Biocorians! I’m Maggie, and I’m a junior pursuing majors in Biology, Computer Sciences, and Mathematics with certificates in German and Biocore. I plan to graduate in May 2021, and I want to study Bioinformatics in the future. I was the uTA for Biocore 382, and I am a member of Biocore Outreach Ambassadors. I am a member in Phi Beta Kappa honor society and undergraduate zoology society. I worked in Smith lab studying the effect of different post-translational modifications of peptides on their half-life through analysis of proteomics big data with computational tools. Right now I work in Lindroth lab as a Holstrom scholar to study plant-insect interaction and Daifeng Wang lab as a research assistant to study gene regulation network inference. In my spare time, I volunteer at the Feathered Friends Sanctuary to take care of the birds and Henry Vilas Zoo to help with events. I also enjoy downhill skiing, watching movies, running, roller coaster riding, and talking to my cat Cappuccino. Contact me through!


Alex Harris

Year in school: Graduated

My name is Alexandra Harris and I am a senior majoring in Biology in the CALS Honors in the Major Program with certificates in Global Health and Biocore. The student organizations I am involved in here on campus are the Wisconsin Pre-Medical Society and Biocore Peer Advisors. I  also volunteer for the HELP Program at Meriter. I work for the Kind Research Group with the Health Services and Care Research Program and I also work in the audiology clinic at UW-Hospital. Last summer I studied abroad in Copenhagen to fulfill my field experience for the Global Health Certificate. Outside of school and extracurriculars, I enjoy running, cooking, and watching The Office! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. Contact me through!


Year in school: Senior

My name is Hailey Johnson and I am a junior in the College of Agriculture and Life Science. I am majoring in Biology with a certificate in Global Health and Biocore Honors. I am a part of UW-Police Department First Responders, Delight and Biocore Outreach Ambassadors. I work in the Mezu Research Lab at the UW-Hospital studying Retinopathy of Prematurity, which is an eye disease that premature babies may get. I hope to attend medical school following graduation and become a pediatrician. A few things I enjoy doing in my free time is baking, running and being in the outdoors. This past summer I spent a week in Oregon hiking and camping. Please feel free to contact me through!


Year in school: Senior

Hello potential Biocorians! My name is Lexi Johnson, and I’m a junior pursuing Molecular Biology with certificates in Health and the Humanities and Biocore. I plan to graduate in May 2021 and attend a PhD program to research neuroimmunology in the future. I am very involved with all the amazing opportunities that are available to Biocore students, such as being a uTA for Biocore lab courses and a Co-Chair for Biocore Outreach Ambassadors. I have also held two officer positions in my sorority, Tri Delta. Right now, I work in the Fabry/Sandor lab to identify phagocytizing myeloid cells in central nervous system tuberculosis infections. In my spare time, I enjoy baking, watching movies, kayaking, and walking my dog, Jordan. If you are interested in Biocore or any of the topics above, I’d love to chat! Contact me through!


Year in school: Senior

Hi, my name is Cassandra Kaplon and I am a junior majoring in Biology and Environmental Studies along with a certificate in the Biocore program. I am in the L&S Honors program and throughout my years at UW I have enjoyed getting involved in research. I currently work in the Hotchkiss lab researching vegetation and fire history surrounding Wisconsin lakes as well as working at the Wisconsin Crop Innovation Center as a part of the transformation production team. Upon graduation I look forward to applying to graduate schools to pursue Marine Biology. Outside of class I enjoy hiking, traveling, and hanging out with my dogs. For any questions about Biocore or pursuing a degree in ecology, you can contact me through!


Year in school: Senior

Hi! My name is Lauren Krahl and I am currently a junior majoring in Neurobiology and Spanish with Honors in the Liberal Arts and an Honors Certificate in Biocore, with plans of graduating in May of 2021. I am hoping to take a gap year abroad and attend medical school after that. As for my involvement here on campus, I am currently the philanthropy chair in my sorority for women in STEM, Alpha Omega Epsilon, and I am the student representative for the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA). Additionally, I involved with Biocore Outreach Ambassadors, I am a team leader for Badger Volunteers, and I volunteer at a local non-profit gynecological clinic called Share the Health. As for research, I am an undergraduate student researcher in the Gibson Lab at the WIMR, where we study the re-epithelialization of burn and excision wounds and the molecular mechanisms behind burn wounds progression. Lastly, I am a certified Behavioral Treatment Technician and work weekends at the Wisconsin Early Autism Project (WEAP), where I help develop autistic children’s social skills. Outside of these commitments, I love to downhill ski, hike, and play ukulele! If you have any questions at all, please contact me at! I can’t wait to hear from you


Stella Ma

Year in school: Senior

My name is Stella Ma, and I’m majoring in Biochemistry and Nutritional Sciences. I am chairs for the clubs American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) and Tri-beta Biological Honors Society, a member of Biocore Outreach Ambassadors, and a Biocore Peer Mentor for Biocore 381 and 383. As a high schooler, I did research in the Bresnick lab, where they study the molecular mechanisms underlying hematopoietic stem cell development and differentiation. Now, one of the labs I do research in is the Huttenlocher lab, where we study innate immune system interactions with wounds, infections, and cancer. Specifically, I am looking at interactions between neutrophils and cancer. I also do research in the Blackwell lab, where we study the chemistry of bacterial communication. Specifically, I am studying the communication of Listeria monocytogenes and its role in virulence. I also enjoy cross-country running, canoeing/kayaking, skating, crocheting, and reading. Contact me through!


Year in school: Senior

Hey! My name is Nikita Menon and I’m a junior double majoring in Molecular Biology and Psychology with a certificate in Biocore. After graduating, I hope to pursue a masters in Endocrinology or Kinesiology, or take a gap year before going to medical school. On campus, I’m a board member and dancer for a nationally competitive Bollywood Fusion dance team called Wisconsin Surma, the Head Liaison & Design Chair for ADZ (Wisconsin’s largest dance competition), and I volunteer with Badger Volunteers. Aside from this, I research in the Laryngeal Physiology department where I analyze biomolecular mechanisms of vocal folds and tissues. Also, I work for BioTrek Student Outreach and lead workshops to teach kids how to think like a scientist. I love to do yoga, spend time with friends, and cook! Contact me through!


Year in school: Senior

Hello! My name is Savannah and I am a junior studying Biology and pursuing a certificate in Global Health. After undergrad, I am looking at pursuing a Masters in Public Health. On-campus I am currently part of the Biocore Board of Directors for 587, a House Fellow, and a member of the UW Spirit Squad. I have also stayed in Madison for the past two summers and have gotten the opportunity to take different classes and volunteer at the American Family’s Children’s Hospital. Outside of classes I like to spend time with friends and family, travel, and explore all the wonderful things Madison has to offer (especially all the fresh cheese curds samples and spicy cheese bread at the Farmer’s Market). If you have any questions about the Biocore program, life as a college student, time management strategies, how to get involved over the summer, or just about life in general I would love to talk! (And yes this picture was taken in THE Biocore Prairie) Contact me through!


Year in school: Senior

Salutations! I’m Freddie a junior pursuing a double major in both horticulture and genetics. I’m super interested in how plants differ from other forms of life and how they have evolved to be so different. Outside of the classroom, I’m a member of a research lab studying C. elegans nematodes as a means to understand cell adhesion and muscle movement in eukaryotes. I also love running and you’ll find me out running the streets even in the dead of winter as part of the UW-Madison Running Club. Feel free to get in contact with me through the biocore peer advisor email at, I’m always down to grab a cup of tea with a perspective biocore student! Contact me through!


Year in school: Senior

Hello everyone! My name is Grace Morley and I am currently a junior on campus, double majoring in biology and Spanish. I hope to attend graduate school to pursue a degree in a healthcare field. Last summer, I studied abroad and interned at a nursing home in Toledo, Spain. I will also be studying abroad this winter in an immersion program in San Jose, Costa Rica. In Madison, I volunteer at a bilingual elementary school through Badger Volunteers and I am also a student representative on the BOD (Biocore Board of Directors) this fall. During my free time, I enjoy running and finding new recipes to bake. If you have any questions about how study abroad and Spanish fit in with a biology major and Biocore, feel free to contact me through!


Year in school: Senior

Hi, my name is Nicole Neurock. I am a current junior majoring in Biochemistry, with certificates Biocore and Global Health. Following college, I plan on taking a gap year and then attending medical school. Outside of the classroom, I volunteer at American Family Children’s Hospital. Along with volunteering, I am a member of the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB), Doctors without Borders, and UW-Madison’s club gymnastics team. In my free time, I enjoy going to badger football and hockey games and spending time with friends! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through!


Macy Peterson

Year in school: Graduated

Hi, I’m Macy Peterson, and I am a Biology Major interested in veterinary medicine. I work as an animal research tech for BRMS Breeding Core, and I am involved in clubs such as the Pre-Veterinary Association and Badger Spill. I also volunteer at the Wisconsin Humane Society as a wildlife extern and at Bichon and Little Buddies Rescue. This summer, I will be studying abroad in South Africa to help support the cheetah conservation program at FeraCare. Contact me through!


Katie Plachta

Year in school: Graduated

Hi, my name is Katie Plachta, and I am a double major in Conservation Biology and Legal Studies. I have aspirations of going to law school and becoming a District Attorney or Assistant District Attorney, which are the people who prosecute criminal cases. I’ve been a part of Badger Volunteers in previous years, but right now my focus is on studying for the LSAT. I spent this past summer working as a legislative intern in the Capitol for Representative Beth Meyers. Outside of school, I love musicals, playing with my dog, reading books about law, and watching movies. A fun fact about me is that my favorite Supreme Court case is about whether a tomato is legally a fruit or a vegetable (Nix v. Hedden, 1893). Sorry scientists, but legally a tomato is a vegetable! Contact me through!


Year in school: Senior

Hi! I’m Gabi. I am a junior studying Biology with a certificate in Global Health. Outside of Biocore, I research the genetics of ALS using Drosophilia in the Tibbetts lab, and I am the secretary of the waterski and wakeboard club. In my free time, you can find me at the shell or hanging out with my biocore friends in Merit. I am going to graduate a semester early and then start my gap year. During my gap year, I want to travel to Copenhagen and volunteer for a public health organization. Also, golden retrievers are my favorite kind of dog! Email me to learn more about biocore at!


Year in school: Senior

Hi! My name is Megan Reilly, and I am a junior in the College of Letters and Science. I am majoring in Biology with certificates in the Biology Core Curriculum and Global Health. I am a pre-med student who will be applying to med schools this June. I have been volunteering at UW Hospital for about two years now in various different departments. I also work as a home health aide for a woman with disabilities in the Madison area. The research lab that I work at studies the application of stem cells to developmental modeling and cell-based therapy for neuromuscular and musculoskeletal disorders. In January, I will be traveling to Haiti to volunteer at a dental clinic with my dentist! I am also on the board for NSCS. In regard to Biocore, I am on the board of directors and hope to become a uTA during my senior year. In my (limited) free time, I love going to Badger football games, downhill skiing, and traveling with my family! Feel free to contact me through!


Nate Richman

Year in school: Graduated

I’m Nate, I’m was in Biomedical Engineering with certificates in Biocore Honors, Comp. Sci., and Biology in Engineering in undergrad and am currently in the 1 year accelerated masters program in BME. I work on campus at the Department of Information Technology (DoIT) as a student Network Engineer, and I used to do research in Mechanical Engineering on the mechanical properties of bacterial biofilms. Outside of school I’m on the club frisbee team, and I love to camp, bike, rock climb, and hike. Contact me through!


Year in school: Senior

Hi I’m Christine, I’m working on a Biology major and Global Health certificate, and am planning to go to medical school after graduation. I’ve worked in the Okonkwo lab for 3 years doing research on the connection between fitness and the pathology of Alzheimer’s Disease. I am a Biocore Peer Mentor and a member of Biocore Outreach Ambassador. I also am a member of Spill, volunteer at UW hospital, work as a personal care giver and am a tutor with the center for culture and linguistics. When I have some free time, I like to run and paint. If you have any questions about Biocore feel free to contact me through!


Year in school: Senior

Hi, my name is Gracia Sandok and I am majoring in Biochemistry and Computer Science with a certificate in Biocore. I volunteer in the Emergency Department at UW Health and at the YWCA in the Children’s Program.I am also a member of the Wisconsin Society for Conservation Biology- Student Chapter I work as an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. McCulley’s lab studying developmental biology and genetics related to lung and pulmonary vascular development and disease. On the weekends I work as an EMT for one of the local ambulance services. In my free time I like to bike, hike, and swim! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through!


Year in school: Senior

My name is Albiona Sabani and I am majoring in Biology with certificates in BioCore, German, and Sustainability with plans of graduating in May of 2021. I am looking to take a gap year after undergraduate and go back to Albania, which where my ethnic roots reside. Afterwards, I would like to go to medical school. My involvement here on campus has been exciting. Currently I am on the executive board of the Society and Politics committee and an ambassador for the College of Agricultural and Life sciences. Additionally, I am regularly active with WISER (Women in Scientific Education and Research) and AED (Pre-health society). I love to volunteer at the pediatric center at UW-Health, BioCore Outreach Ambassadors and occasionally with Slow-Foods. For research, I am involved in the Stress and Pregnancy lab with Dr. Zachary Stowe, where we study the effect of anxiety on mothers and children during pregnancy and the transgenerational effect. Finally, I am a registered EMT and work with a private ambulance company called Paratech. Beside all of these commitments, I love playing recreational soccer, read and lifting. If you have any questions or just want to talk, please contact me at! Hope to hear from you soon!


Year in school: Senior

Hey guys! I’m Evelyn, and I’m currently a Junior studying Genetics with a certificate in Health and Humanities, and in my second year of Biocore. I’m involved in UGA on campus, and volunteer with NAMI Walks Dane County and the Volunteer Crisis Text line. I also work in the Ikeda lab studying retina degradation and at Bassett Street Brunch Club (come say hi if you love brunch food!!). After undergrad, I’m interested in the Genetic Counseling path, so if that’s something that interests you, let’s chat! Contact me through!


Year in school: Senior

Hi there! My name is Jordyn Schultz and I am a Junior studying Biology while pursuing a certificate in Global Health. Currently, I am interested in becoming a Physician Assistant and completing a masters in Public Health. I have been a CNA for about 4 years and I also work in Dave O’Connor’s lab on campus. My favorite organization on campus is Camp Kesem where we host a week of summer camp to support children through and beyond their parents cancer! Outside of school I love spending time with friends and family, drinking way too much coffee, and snacking every second of every day. Contact me through!


Year in school: Senior

My name is Elizabeth and I’ll be graduating this fall with a major in Genetics and Genomics. I have worked in the lab of Dr. David O’Connor since my freshman year studying novel viruses and viral genetics, often in nonhuman primate models. Most recently, I’ve worked on viral epidemiology project at the WNPRC and fetal demise associated with Zika virus. I’ve also studied Mandarin here at UW and studied abroad in China after my freshman year. I’m on the leadership team for two student organizations, MEDLIFE and Ratio Christi, and have volunteered at several local organizations. After I graduate, I’ll be taking a gap year before getting my PhD; I plan on studying viral phylodynamics, population biology, and evolution. In my free time I enjoy hiking, cooking, reading, and crafting. I’d love to answer any questions folks might have about undergraduate research (including grants), Biocore, PhD programs, virology, or languages! Feel free to contact me using!


Year in school: Graduated

My name is Thomas Staniszewski, and I am a Senior at UW-Madison, majoring in Neurobiology with certificates in Global Health and Biocore, in the L&S Honors Program. I volunteer at Unity-point Meriter and UW-Health, and I work in the UWSMPH Department of Vascular Surgery researching various aortic pathologies and surgical outcomes. I am also on the student board for AMSA (the American Medical Student Association), a Classroom Visit Coordinator for BOA (Biocore Outreach Ambassadors), a uTA for the Becoming a Scientist F.I.G., and I have also been a Peer Mentor for Biocore 381-384. In my free time, I enjoy running, playing intramural soccer and volleyball, and playing piano. Contact me through


Abbey Stoltenburg

Year in school: Graduated

Hi, my name is Abbey Stoltenburg. I am a senior majoring in Biochemistry and Neurobiology. When I am not doing stuff for Biocore, you can catch me at Badger sporting events like football, basketball, or volleyball games. I am one of the officers that help run the Undergraduate Neuroscience Society. We are involved with getting undergraduates exposed to research happening at UW-Madison as well as doing outreach with NTP. I volunteer at UW Health in the In-Patient Psychiatric Unit and am a member of Alpha Phi Omega, a service fraternity that volunteers at St. Vincent’s Food Pantry and with the Lakeshore Nature Preserve. I am also a member of MedLife. Lastly, I work in the Ntambi Lab in the Biochemistry Research Building. We study how tissue specific knockouts of SCD impact metabolic pathways and processes in mice. I will also be going to Uganda this winter in January as part of a Global Health Field Experience Trip to help conduct field-study research. Contact me through!


Liam Tomson-Moylan

Year in school: Graduated

Ahoy! My name is Liam and in my free time I enjoy sailing with Hoofers and dancing with Badger Ballroom Dance Team. I am majoring in Computer Science, a member of the Russian Flagship program, and am pursuing a Biology minor through Biocore. Please contact me if you have any questions about what makes Biocore an especially unique and outstanding opportunity, or if you’re interested in understanding how Biocore can complement your non-biological sciences major for your love of Biology! Contact me through!


Sheyenne Tung

Year in school: Graduated

Hi! I’m Sheyenne, and I’m currently a Senior majoring in Neurobiology and Psychology, and I’m in my second year of Biocore! On campus, I’m involved with AMSA, Biocore Outreach Ambassadors, and Whole Foods & Plants Society, and I work as an academic tutor for statistics and math! I’m also in a research lab at the Waisman Center focusing on the behavioral genetics behind childhood ADHD. Running and photography are two of my favorite hobbies, so I always try to make some time for those activities! I love coffee and meeting new people, so hit me up! Contact me through!


Year in school: Senior

Hi everyone! My name is Elise Warda, and I’m a junior studying Microbiology with CALS Honors in Research and certificates in both Health and the Humanities and Biocore! On campus I’m a personal trainer for UW Recreation and Wellbeing, and I work in a research lab studying colon cancer. I am also a Biocore peer mentor, the vice president of CALS Health and Research society (CHARS), and a volunteer in the Meriter emergency room. I have my CNA certification as well. After my undergrad, I plan to attend medical school (somewhere warmer than Wisconsin) with the end goal of practicing pediatrics. In my free time, you can find me working out, cooking some new food, or spending time with friends! Contact me through!


Year in school: Senior

Hi everyone! My name is Shanna and I am currently a junior double majoring in Biology and Political Science with certificates in Global Health and Biocore and I am planning on applying to medical school! I currently work in a cancer research lab, and also have a virtual internship with the federal Department of Health and Human Services where I’m researching the efficacy of using financial incentives for physicians to improve the health outcomes of Medicaid patients with Lyme disease. I volunteer at the American Family Children’s Hospital and I am involved with Medlife, Biocore Outreach Ambassadors, and the running club. In my free time I like being outside and trying new recipes. I also love running and just did my first half-marathon! Contact me through!


Year in school: Junior

Hi, I’m Karis, I’m a sophomore majoring in genetics, and I’m in my second year of Biocore. I’m involved with SPICE Club, and I’m a co-chair for Biocore Outreach Ambassadors. I’m in an allergies and asthma research lab at UW Hospital, and I volunteer for Journey Care, a hospice care organization back in my hometown. I also work as a diet clerk at Meriter Hospital. Some of my favorite things to do are running and baking “healthy” desserts! Contact me through!