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Biocore Publications and Products

  • Batzli, Janet M. 2005. A Unique Approach? Four Semesters of Biology Core Curriculum. CBE Life Sciences Education 4: 123–137. pdf

  • Batzli, Janet M. 2018. It Takes Time: Learning process of science through an integrative, multi-semester lab curriculum. Tested Studies for Laboratory Teaching. Proceedings of the Association for Biology Laboratory Education 39(21). pdf

  • Batzli, Janet M., Knight, J. K., Hartley, L.M., Maskiewicz, A.C., Desy, E.A. 2016. Crossing the Threshold:Bringing Biological Variation to the Foreground. CBE-Life Science Education 15. pdf 

  • Batzli, Janet M., Smith, A. R., Williams, P.H., McGee, S.A., Dosa, K., and Pfammatter, J. 2014. Beyond Punnett squares: Student word association and explanations of phenotypic variation through an integrative quantitative genetics unit investigating anthocyanin inheritance and expression in Brassica rapa Fast Plants. CBE-Life Science Education 13:410-424. pdf 

  • Burgess, Ann B. 2002. Cooperative Learning: Moving from Theory to Practice in a Class of 80 Students Biocene 28(3): 3-8. pdf

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  • Forbes-Lorman, R., Harris, M.A., Chang, W.S., Dent, E.W., Nordheim, E.V., Franzen, M.A. 2016. Physical models have gender-specific effects on student understanding of protein structure-function relationships. Biochem & Molecular Biology Education 44:326-335. doi:10.1002/bmb.20956. pdf

  • Harris, Michelle A., McGee, S. A., Batzli, J.M. 2018. Uncooking Yeast: Cells signaling a rise to inquiry. Tested Studies for Laboratory Teaching. Proceedings of the Association for Biology Laboratory Education 38(9). pdf

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  • Harris, Michelle A., Grange, S.J., Feeney, A.K., Odorico, S.K. 2018. Undergraduate students are the key to community science outreach partnerships. Tested Studies for Laboratory Teaching. Proceedings of the Association for Biology Laboratory Education 39(30). pdf

  • McGee, Seth and Gagnon, D. 2014. Biocore Prairie Plant ID App for mobile devices

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