Freshman Biocore Admissions

Biocore typically begins in the sophomore year, however Biocore offers a freshman start for a small cohort (~10) of well prepared, highly motivated students.  This option is available for students who have credit for Chem 103 and Math 221 via AP (score of 4 or 5), IB, or transfer credit and have been recommended for Chem 109, 109H, or 115.  Students who wish to start Biocore as freshmen need to apply prior to SOAR.

Prerequisites for Freshman Admission:

  • Biology: Two years of high school biology coursework with one being AP biology (AP Exam score of 5)
  • Chemistry: Two years of high school chemistry, with the second year being AP chemistry or advanced chemistry (students should also plan to enroll in Chem 109 the fall of their freshman year)
  • Math: Anticipate having credit for Math 221 (first semester calculus) via AP, IB, or transfer credit

Application Materials:

  • High school transcript in PDF form
  • Personal statement: Describe something that inspires you or something that you have learned recently.  Previous student have written about hobbies, athletic experiences, community service, books, music, TED talks, etc.  This doesn’t need to be grand, but it’s your chance to tell us about your challenges and growth as a learner.  Try to tell us something new other than what we can find in your transcript.  Personal statements should be no more than 400 words.

Biocore Freshman Application will be available for Fall 2020 on May 15, 2020.

Questions about Biocore?

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Note 1: If you plan to take Biocore, you should NOT enroll in Biology 151 or 152.

Note 2: If you are not admitted to start Biocore as a freshman, you may be considered for pre-admission, thereby reserving your spot to start Biocore during the fall of your sophomore year.